Ten Fatal Weaknesses for Digital Video Camera

Water and Moisture

It is easy to cause circuit fault or make the lens get mildew,Guest Posting if the digital video camera was kept or working under the deep humidity circumstance. The video head is easily damaged, so that we need change it regularly. However, the service life of the camera does not only depend on the material, also is related with the air humidity. The heavier the air humidity is, the heavier the damage is. Usually, the service life can be prolonged 1000 hours, if it works under the suitable air humidity.

When you spilled water, coffee or beverage on the camera careless, firstly you should turn off the switch immediately. Second, you should wipe the water stain using paper or towel. Thirdly, you need use the rubber ball to blow it carefully. Finally, please test the camera after about 10 hours. (Notice: do not try to test immediately, or the short circuit will damage your camera.)

Shock and Crash

A digital camera is not only a photoelectric device, also a piece of precision equipment. The shake, especially the heavy shake and crash will cause damages for the camera. The damage of any parts of the camera will impact its operation and the imaging quality. Therefore, we should keep it in your hand to prevent it was damaged by accidently, and get it back to the bag when you do not need use it.


We should keep the digital video camera away form the chemical. When you are operating it in some chemical factory area or under the smoke environment, we should use the plastic bag to package it, and then keep it in the ventilated place after finishing the work. As for the cleaning, we just can use the dry and soft cloth, or the moist soft cloth to wipe it. Do not use the alcohol or petroleum ether to wipe it, because they will corrode the cover of the camera.

Smoke and Dust

The digital video camera should work or be kept under the clean environment. The dust, sewage and lampblack will affect Eye Camera security its work, because they will impact the definition of the lens and the turning of the knob. Besides, when the high speed movement is occurring between the video head and the tape, the dust fallen on them will damage the video head and tape. When we operate the camera outdoors, we may meet wild wind or sand, which will take heavy damage for the camera. Therefore, when you work in such circumstance, you’re better use the protecting bush to cover it.


The digital video camera is one of the photoelectric integrated precision equipment. The main working principle of digital camera is photoelectric conversion. The key components, such as CCD, DSP chip are sensitive with the strong magnet and electric field, which will affect the normal performance of these advanced functions, and impact the imaging effect, even make the digital camera stop to work. Therefore, we cannot keep the camera close to the magnetic objects, such as motors, transformer, speaker, magnet etc, because it is very sensitive with the magnetic fields. Except those, the radio and TV antenna can also affect the imaging of the camera.