Acoustic Room Treatments – Wall Acoustic Panels That Look As Good As They Sound

When searching for acoustic room treatments, most people want to find a soundproofing product that not only is effective but adds to the look of their room. In applications such as home theaters, recording studios and offices, for example, it’s important to find wall acoustic¬†Ceiling Rafts panels that will optimize the look of your room while providing quality sound control.


Image Wall Acoustic Panels are great acoustic room treatments for those who want to create an aesthetically pleasing space that looks as good as it sounds. Reducing echoes and reverberation by up to 60 percent when used in a properly treated room, Image Wall Acoustic Panels come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. In fact, they can even be customized using your own fabric choice, logo, graphic or photo!

Ideal for absorbing mid and high frequencies, Image Wall Acoustic Panels prove to be one of the best acoustic room treatments for home and commercial applications. Why spend money on expensive art pieces that simply hang on the wall and look beautiful when you could have absorption products printed with your choice of exquisite art, photos or even logos to absorb sound AND look amazing? Chances are you could benefit greatly from the addition of wall acoustic panels in your space.

Most people don’t realize that such a great solution (with a dual purpose of absorbing sound and creating a beautiful decor) is on the market. If you are wondering how to play up the look of your room or enhance the sound, consider acoustic treatments that do both.